Our Story

Herstory, a luxury jewellery designer brand, was founded in 2013 and inspired by an American Feminist Perspective “Herstory” which first appeared in 1960s, emphasizing the role of women.
The word “her story” was invented because certain people with feminist predilections thought
the word “history” mean, literally, “his” “story”, as if to mean the story belongs to him, male possessive pronoun.

The jewelry is designed with a constant concern for quality and creativity, to represent
the modern women, with the most precious materials such as gold and diamonds.
Her Story reveals modern jewelry collections, which offers a casual elegance in a
masculine-feminine style, while reconciling modern comfort and traditional luxury.


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Every women is a story


Everyday in Her Story atelier, each piece is hand crafted with passion and expertise. With premium diamonds on 14K gold , it’s easy to realize the craftsmanship on designs. Each design of Her Story reflects fine artistry, quality and elegance.

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