Night Sails Earring


All designs are 14K Gold and can be made with the gold color of your choice. Diamonds are used in this product.

Earrings are sold as singles

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Stock code: FSE002-B


Fusion takes a variety and makes it whole. Transforms separate parts into one. A woman taking charge at the office, dancing at a party, dressing up for an event, hugging a friend, running up a trail, singing a song.… Fusion represents you, various roles women carry, your different parts coming together with all your feminine glory. With FUSION, Herstory offers a collection of semi-precious stones, cut into striking geometric shapes, embraced by the timeless, classic shine of diamonds and gold. All these different parts come together with a new, revitalizing energy, to give you strength as you conquer life. Whether you need the nurturing, bright colors of the chalcedony or the healing powers of willful, mysterious onyx... For every and all of you.