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Legal Notice & Return Policy

People under 18 cannot shop from our online store. Each user who shops from our online store declares that they are older than 18.

Our brand cannot be held responsible for the price and product errors in our Online shopping website generating from a system error that is systemic or software originated. Our brand reserves the right to cancel these kinds of transactions.

Our brand is considered exempt from the obligation and responsibility for the delivery of the product in case of the records show that the payment for the ordered product is not made for any reason.

In case of the payment is made with a credit card or a similar payment card, after the delivery of the product, due to use of the credit card of the Customer by unauthorized individuals unfairly or  illegally without permission of the Customer, in the act of the bank or financial institution fails to pay the cost of the product to the Seller, on the condition that the product has been delivered to the Customer, the product must be returned to the Seller within 3 days.

Customers cannot use the right to cancel the transaction after a new product or changes to the existing product is made in accordance with the customized requests and orders. And customers agree to give up on their canceling right before the finalizing the transaction.