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Customer Services

Terms of Guarantee

Every product purchased from our online shopping website is under one-year warranty. In order to the product you have bought not to fall out-of warranty, the third parties and institutions, besides HerStory brand, should not apply any kinds of processes such as modification, size adjustment, repair, etc. on the purchased product. Otherwise, your product becomes out-of-warranty.

Control the product you have purchased by checking it once you received it in your address. If you believe the product is missing or damaged, do not take the delivery, and report it to the courier by giving a statement. Please contact customer service in the case of such situation. Our brand reserves the right to change for the orders which fail to perform such a control.

Free Repair and Maintenance

For each product purchased by our Online Store, free maintenance, repair and cleaning services are provided under HerStory security for 2 years with free of charge.

In addition, the product you have purchased may be returned unconditionally within 1 week; and unless it is damaged, you can replace it with another product within 30 days.

Delivery Information

We deliver all products to our valued customers for free, and as being secured and insured by using the best courier companies of our country or our special courier services. In fact, HerStory takes all the responsibility until you receive the product.

It will be sent  to your address within 4 business days at latest by calculating  as 2 business days for product delivery and 2 business days for shipping,